Picture of meMy name is Evgeni Vasilev. I was born at 17.12.1980 in Sliven's hospital. My parents decided to name me Evgeni because there was a family war for my name. So between Georgi and Vasil they choosed Evgeni. So I studied for six years at the Sliven's Second Elementary School "Hristo Botev". Then moved to Natural Mathematics Secondary School called "Dobry Chintulov". And that's where I study now. My profile is Biology, but I'm starting to hate it. The computers are my passion. I first started on a local Apple ][ cloning called PRAVETC 82. Then moved to more powerful cloning: PRAVETC 8C. That were years of big 5.1/4 floppy disks and broken FDD-s. Then a friend of mine showed me PC (XT), and I got sick about it. It was worse than my PRAVETC. Then saw 286 and liked it. It was something new, and beautiful (SVGA). Then I got in for PC-s. About my music interests, I'm sistening almost everything but there are some bands that make my heart go wild such as :Metallica, Guns'n Rozes, Iron Maden, Aritmia(BG), Hypodil(BG), Holera(BG), Kontrol(BG) and so on.. Now I study at "Technical University - Sofia". That's my short story (It's not so interesting).

So now I'm interested of the following things:

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